$49 Contactless Air Conditioning Tune-Up

Contactless Air Conditioning Tune-Up is now available. There is no need to enter your home, Moyer Indoor | Outdoor can perform a preventive maintenance tune-up safely and effectively from the exterior of your home.

Here are the precautions we are taking as we service your air conditioning system:

  • Our technicians are wearing face masks. They are sanitizing their hands or wearing a new pair of gloves after each appointment.
  • Our technicians are following all social distancing guidelines.
  • Once the exterior service is complete, the technician will call you to discuss any questions you may have.

There are numerous benefits to having Moyer Indoor | Outdoor perform preventative maintenance on your air conditioning system. By having an annual inspection, Moyer’s professionally trained technicians can locate and repair a small issue before it becomes a more significant problem. Also, an annual check-up will help keep your equipment running longer and more efficiently.

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Moyer’s Exterior Cooling Tune-Up

  • Inspect and tighten electrical connections
  • Check operation and condition of capacitors, contactors, and relays
  • Check operation and condition of compressor
  • Check refrigerant temperatures and pressures
  • Visual check for obvious refrigerant leaks
  • Clean coils, as needed
  • Discuss recommended repairs with homeowner

Call us today at 215-799-2019 to schedule an exterior air conditioning tune-up or click here to request an appointment.