Don’t Ignore Your Pool In The Winter

Pool December 5th, 2017
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As the summer draws to an end, homeowners near and far schedule their pool closings. This process is symbolic of the shorter days and cooler weather that lay ahead. Like many other pool owners, you may think that once the pool is closed, it doesn’t require a second thought until it’s time to reopen next season. Think again! You shouldn’t ignore your pool in the wintertime. Here’s what to keep an eye out for:

  • Look for standing water. When you close the pool, the water should be lowered below the tile line. Some water is left in your pool throughout the winter, and when temperatures drop, this water freezes. Keeping the water level below the tile line helps to prevent tiles from cracking when the standing water freezes.
  • Unplug your pumps. A lot of pool owners leave their cover pumps plugged in throughout the winter. This can be problematic when temperatures drop below freezing. Water expands when it freezes, and any water frozen in the pump can cause it to become stuck in the on position, posing problems down the road. Most pumps automatically shut off, but to play it safe, make sure your pump is in the off position for the winter season.
  • Keep the cover clear all winter long. In addition to preventing people from falling into your pool, protective coverings also prevent dirt, animals, and debris from falling into your pool throughout the winter. If you notice leaves and debris piling up on your pool cover, make it a habit to clear them off. Too much debris can weigh the cover down, causing it to tear or form a pool of unwanted stagnant water.
  • Check chemical levels. If you have an unseasonably warm winter day, seize the opportunity and check your pool’s chemical levels. Pay close attention to the readings, as this step could save you time in the spring when your pool is ready to be opened.

Keep your pool ready for opening in the spring with these winter maintenance tips. Don’t feel up to the task? Moyer Indoor | Outdoor is proud to offer a Winter Watch Program so that you can keep your pool protected this winter. Our team of professionals will come out to inspect your pool, helping to prevent damage from occurring. Contact us today to learn more about our Winter Watch Program.