FAQ’s Lawn Care

When can I mow my lawn after I have had an application?
We recommend waiting 24 hours to mow your lawn after it has had treatment or products applied to it.

How long do I wait after an application to have children or animals on the lawn?
Once the product has dried it is safe to have children or animals on the lawn.

How much time is between applications?
Moyer Lawn Care typically comes out for treatments every 4 to 6 weeks, but this could change depending on your program since each property is unique.

Why do I have mushrooms on my lawn?  How do you treat them?
Mushrooms on your lawn is a sign that your lawn, which is a good sign! We do not do treatments for mushrooms. You can pull them and discard them or mow the lawn as you normally would.

How short should the grass be mowed?
Only mow off 1/3 of the grass blade to avoid insects, drought stress and weeds that invade the lawn. You should leave approximately 3 inches. To accomplish this, we recommend using longer blades.

Why do I have so many weeds in lawn?
Weeds are in the soil and are transported by wind and animals. Hot weather and heavy rain affect how many weeds will appear on a property. Once the weeds emerge from the soil, they can be sprayed. Some weeds are persistent and need to be sprayed several times.

How long will it take to service my lawn?
There is a specific walking speed for the correct amount of product to be applied.  Taking the hose spraying into account, a wide path covers a large area. It may look fast, but thanks to the years of experience and training Moyer gives to our technicians, you can be assured that the correct amount of product is being applied.

Why do I have so much moss?
Shade, moisture and soil are a few reasons that you could have moss on your lawn. Some steps you can
take to get rid of it are to rake up the moss, collect it and then apply lime.

How can I get grass to grow in shaded areas?
To help with growing grass in shaded areas, it would be best to trim any tree to get maximum sunlight for better germination.

How can I fix areas dog has peed on?
We recommend removing the top layers of soil and to reseed the area if you know that a dog or animal has urinated on it.

How soon can I water my lawn after an application?
If there is a weed control application, we recommend waiting approximately 24 hours before watering your lawn.

When can I mow my new grass?
As previously mentioned, we recommend leaving approximately 3 inches of grass when you do cut your lawn. With that being the case, you should wait until the new grass is at least 3 inches high.