FAQ’s Pool & Spa Care

How often should I backwash?
You should backwash your pool when your filter pressure gauge reads 8 to 10 PSI over the starting level. It doesn’t hurt to backwash once per week when performing your weekly water testing maintenance.

How often should I run my pool?
We recommend running your pool for a minimum of 8 hours per day, but during a heatwave you should aim for 12+ hours.

How often should I balance my pool water?
You should balance your pool water a minimum of once per week, but it is best to test your chlorine and pH levels twice a week.

Should I use a tarp or a solid safety cover when closing my pool?
Solid pool safety covers keep out debris and sunlight and make for a cleaner pool opening.  Tarp covers often rip and are not designed to hold weight.  If a child or pet were to walk on a tarp cover, they would sink through the tarp.

What does it mean if I smell a strong chlorine odor?
A strong chlorine odor is caused by chloramines in the pool water and an oxidizing shock should be added to the pool to resolve this issue.

When should I open my pool?
You should open your pool two to three weeks before you plan to swim! It takes a minimum of 2 weeks to get the pool water balanced and debris cleared up for the pool to be safe to swim.

When should I close my pool?
This depends on your usage! Most homeowners in our area close their pools in early to mid-October.  Having a heater can make a difference and extend your season!