Home Security Systems in Havertown, PA

Home Security Systems Havertown PA

One-Size-Fits-All Security Systems are sold everywhere, but those instant, cheap solutions fail to consider that each home has special needs and that every homeowner has different requirements. The safety of your Havertown home and family depend on personalized, reliable security.

Our Moyer Home Security team will check your location in Havertown, your risk factors, your needs, your comfort levels and your budget. Using that information we’ll design a home security system for your unique needs, comfort and property– inside and out. We’re local so we know your area and risk factors in the neighborhood.

For more than 145 years Moyer Indoor|Outdoor has been servicing homes and businesses in Havertown. Our reputation for outstanding service, and the experience and expertise of our staff are benchmark in our industry.

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Havertown is an unincorporated community in Haverford Township, Delaware County, Pennsylvania. Havertown is located about 9 miles west of the Center of Philadelphia. Havertown came to be through William Penn’s purchasing of land, and it being settled by Quakers in 1681.


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