How to Spot Plumbing Problems

Plumbing September 9th, 2020
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When you own a home or rental property, you will inevitably experience some problems. From leaky faucets to toilets that won’t flush, plumbing is probably one of the most common issues for homeowners. Fortunately, plumbing issues are easy to spot and, sometimes, easy to fix! These are the top five plumbing problems and how you can identify them.

1. Spots on your ceiling

Have you looked at the ceilings of your home in a while? Have you noticed any brown spots? Perhaps you’ve seen the paint on your walls have started to peel or bubble. Spots and peeling are tell-tale signs that there’s moisture present. If left untreated, moisture could lead to mold growth or worse — your walls or ceiling caving in. Before you patch the wall and repaint, make sure nothing is going on behind the walls or ceiling, like a leaking roof or piping.

2. Low water pressure

If you’ve noticed the water coming out of your sinks or showerheads has decreased in force, you may have something clogging your pipes and reducing your overall water pressure. A similar problem could present itself in another way — slow drainage in your tub or sinks. If you notice your sinks are slow to drain, something could be clogging your sewer line.

3. A high water bill

As a homeowner, you know what your water bill typically costs. If you start to notice your water bill’s total is more than usual, a plumbing issue could be the cause. From leaking pipes to a slow drip, there are a number of plumbing issues that could cause this increase.

4. A constant clog in your toilet

Clogged toilets are part of being a homeowner, but if you feel like you frequently have to unclog yours, there could be a more significant issue at play. From broken pipes under the surface to backups caused by curious kids, a clogged toilet is never good.

5. A lack of hot water

If you notice it takes your faucets a long time to draw on hot water, there could be an issue with your hot water heater. It could be a simple fix, but if your hot water heater is more than ten years old, you might want to look into having it replaced with a newer model.

Knowing how to spot a plumbing issue is half the battle. If you can spot an issue before it becomes a problem, you’ll have less of a headache to deal with when it comes to fixing it! Whether you’re a new homeowner or a busy working professional, the Moyer Plumbing Professionals can handle any of your plumbing issues big or small. Let us show you why we have been voted the area’s BEST. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.