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Mouse Droppings In Holiday Decorations

It’s not a good sign when you unpack your holiday boxes full of decorations and find mouse droppings. Not only is this a indication that mice have been in your decorations but it could also mean that your home currently has a mouse infestation. Mice are a dangerous pest to have which is why it is important for Pennsylvania homeowners to be aware of what mouse droppings look like and why they may have found the decorations in your home.

Mice are commensal creatures which means that they live very well in the same environments as humans. With food, water and shelter of our home, mice infestations can rapidly grow during the winter. Mice carry and can transmit many harmful pathogens and bacteria. They also have a constant need to gnaw to keep their teeth filed down which means that your decorations and other belongings including building materials could be damaged.

What do mouse droppings look like?

Mice droppings are a granular shape, resembling a grain of rice. They are black in color and usually about 1/4 of an inch long. The droppings are generally found where mice are most active so this could mean in your box of holiday decorations or also the kitchen where they forage for crumbs and other food. Keep in mind that mouse droppings do contain bacteria and thus should not be handled, and if you find them mixed in with food, those items must be discarded.

Why are they in my Christmas decorations?

Because holiday decorations are often stored in cardboard boxes, mice can easily access them. Also, many families have homemade decorations made out of flour and sugar which are certainly going to attract mice (and potentially other pests). Christmas lights which are long chains of electrical wiring are also attractive for mice to gnaw on.

If you have identified mouse droppings in your holiday decorations or anywhere in your home for that matter, be sure to notify the PA pest control pros right away. Since mice are a dangerous pest, they should be eradicated immediately so that you do not risk the spread of harmful bacteria through the home.

Moyer provides pest control services including mouse control for residents in Allentown, Blue Bell, and throughout Pennsylvania. If you would like to learn about how to get rid of mice and even avoid mice this holiday season, then be sure to contact us today!


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