Drain Clog

Dealing with a Drain Clog? Call Moyer Today!

Most of us have a plunger we use to release a clog from a drain, bathtub, toilet or sink. But sometimes our old plumber’s helper and a can of lye are not enough to remove a back up of hair, toilet paper or whatever else got into your pipes.

If you’ve ever had this happen, you know a clog is not going away without some serious intervention.

That’s where Moyer Indoor | Outdoor comes in. Moyer experts have been clearing clogs for 150 years, and though it’s not always a pretty job, it’s one they take on gladly for our customers.

Our trucks are loaded with snakes, and power augers that can clear a clog a few feet from the drain…to 75 feet or more…inside your house or outside between your home,  sewer or septic system. In some cases, we will make recommendations for repairs that will prevent blocking problems in the future.