Pool Opening

It’s time to schedule your pool opening!

If you’ve ever used another pool service before, you’ll notice the Moyer difference. Our Moyer customers are pleased with our service quality and the personal touch we give to every pool and property.

Moyer pool service technicians are fully-trained and certified. During the pool opening, we reassemble all disassembled units during closing and prepare the pool and filtration system for operation. We jumpstart your pool by mixing the ideal ratio of chemicals to ensure a clear and sparkling pool in no time.

Our 2021 Gold and Platinum Contracts include:

  • No Standard Service Fee Ever
  • 15% Off New Equipment Installations and Full Replacements
  • We offer a 5% Discount on all services paid for by April 1. Hurry! Spaces are limited.


Contact us today or call 215-799-2008 to Schedule Your Opening!