Winter Watch Program

Did you know?

Freeze damage, algae growth, and cover failure that can occur in and around your pool during the frigid Winter months can not only delay a proper pool opening but be very costly as well.

The winter care program is recommended for all pools, and it is designed to minimize & even prevent winter damage to your pool & equipment from freeze, snow & ice.

The winter care program also provides the following services each month starting December, January, February, & March:

  • Monthly visits starting in December continuing through March (4 visits in total).
  • Cover Pumps, Pool Covers, and equipment are inspected for potential freeze/winter damage.
  • Water level is checked, lowered as needed.
  • Debris removal from cover (if accessible).
  • Algaecide will be added in March (early spring) to assist in preparing your pool for a clean Opening.
  • Any repairs that may be needed and able to be performed while pool is closed will be discussed with customer for their approval and will be performed weather conditions permitting.


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