Security System Installation & Monitoring

Installing a security system as well as monitoring is not a one-size-fits-all service.

Moyer Indoor | Outdoor can help you design a system that will keep you safe and comfortable. It may include features like live streaming cameras, easy phone app to control your system remotely, and a panic button that instantaneously dispatches the police…with or without a landline. Moyer not only installs and monitors but will troubleshoot small problems before they grow into big ones.

Why take your chance with a DIY system that may or may not be installed or maintained properly? Why take a chance with a contractor who is part-time or has minimal training and experience?

There are a lot of security products on the market, many of which are for DIY installation. Only a Moyer professional will have the answer to questions like, “How many cameras should I buy if any? Which doors and windows are most vulnerable to intruders?  Or, “ How can I make this fit into my budget?”

60% of all convicted burglars confess that the presence of a security alarm system influenced their decision whether to proceed or abandon a break-in. The Moyer Security sign is a symbol of our firm’s long commitment to providing a full range of services for the home and lawn, as well as your first line of defense against burglaries and break-ins.

The list can go on and on, and Moyer professionals can cut through the confusion to provide an economically feasible system that will keep your house sound and secure for many years. Besides that, they are part of the Moyer Indoor | Outdoor team, a company that’s been serving the area for nearly 150 years. Your security expert is our trusted employee who knows your home and the neighborhood. You can be sure that when you need an upgrade or service, Moyer will be there…and if your house is in danger of intrusion, the monitoring is 24/7.