Spotted Lanternfly Treatment

This invasive insect infects over 60 varieties of plants in the region of Southeastern Pennsylvania, causing considerable damage. Populations of the Spotted Lanternfly have been confirmed in Bucks, Montgomery,Chester, Lehigh, and surrounding counties.

To stop the spread of spotted lanternflies, it is important to inspect your property frequently during the various lifecycles to avoid an infestation. Make sure to check your car, grill, lawnmowers, siding, and other hard surfaces.

If detected, manage spotted lanternflies on your property by scraping eggs, banding trees, removing the favored host (tree-of-heaven), and using chemical control available from The Moyer Store. Only chemically treat areas where spotted lanternfly is abundant.

Control Strategies
When the lanternflies are in their younger nymph stages, we often use a soil drench method.  This involves control products that are absorbed through the root system of the tree. When the lanternfly feeds on the tree, it ingests the product and is controlled.

As the Lanternfly matures into an adult, a topical spray can be a more immediate and effective control.  This involves applying the product directly on the trunk and branches of the trees to obtain control through contacting the lanternflies.

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