What Makes Moyer Security Unique?

Current Technology with Top Quality Equipment

Technology changes quickly these days and our security team continually reviews and evaluates the latest features and equipment available – sorting the fads from the real improvements. What works for one homeowner might not be useful for another; what is affordable to one family might be beyond the budget of another. Your Moyer specialist will work with you to combine all your needs and choices and help find the perfect security solution for your property.

Emergency Response in Seconds!

What good is a system if no one knows it’s triggered? Today, depending on your equipment, you have many different options for notification. Currently, when your home alarm system sounds, our 24/7 monitoring center calls your primary phone number within seconds to make sure you’re okay. If there is no answer when we call, we immediately dispatch an emergency response team that may include police, fire or medical, depending on the alarm that is triggered.

There are other features and methods now available and your Moyer specialist will discuss these latest additional options with you to find out what fits with you and your budget.

Immediate Service and Access to Moyer Security

Need Service on your equipment? Our Security Team is always on duty to book a service appointment that fits with your schedule. Technicians are usually available in less than 48 hours. If it takes us longer, your next month of monitoring is free.

Annual Security Review

Surprise! We don’t install and forget! We want to be sure everything continues to work well so we complete a full home inspection for you every year. From checking batteries, identifying overgrown shrubbery that could attract thieves, recommending new security measures that fit into your changing lifestyle or just testing your equipment, our service professionals will note everything your home needs to stay secure.