From the Past to the Future

Moyer Indoor|Outdoor, founded in 1869 as Moyer & Son, began as small feed mill in Souderton, Pennsylvania and has grown into a widely diversified company serving Southeastern Pennsylvania and parts of New Jersey and Delaware.

Our expansion began around 1950 when, in addition to the mill, Moyer added a fuel delivery division. Shortly afterwards, in response to neighborhood needs, we hired highly trained professionals and formed our Heating and Air Conditioning Division. Since then, nine different divisions have been added to our list of services for your property.

Our emphasis is on the entire home, not just its parts. When you become a Moyer customer you’ll know that you have a trusted partner who knows your property inside and out and who wants in help keep everything maintained and running well.

In addition, we take pride in our reputation for great service. Should you need us, day or night, 24/7, we provide a way to contact us immediately.

Dedicated to Community:

In keeping with our 1869 founding philosophy, Moyer Indoor|Outdoor remains dedicated to playing an increasingly active role in the advancement of community groups, foundations, and the arts. We are especially proud of founding and sponsoring the annual 5K Run which benefits the Souderton School District Cross Country Scholarship Award; the Pennridge Gallery of the Arts which is an annual community arts and crafts show; the Souderton Community Pool and Activities Center, that provides outdoor activities for area children and adults; and many other community events throughout Bucks and Montgomery counties.