Frequently Asked Questions: Heating Fuel

Heating Fuel: Bio Fuel

What is Bio Fuel? Does it help my system?
Bio Fuel is an American made fuel primarily made from Soybean oil. It reduces our carbon footprint by reducing greenhouse gas emissions lower than even Natural gas. Bio Fuel works along with the Low sulfur fuel oil to keep your system running cleaner. It also helps American farmers create demand for their products.

What is the cost?
We purchase Bio Fuel for close to the price of Fuel oil. We do not pass along any increased costs.

What is the BTU heat value?
The Heat value of oil is 129,000, Bio Fuel is 120,000, Nat gas 90,000, propane 80,000. The heat value is very close to Fuel Oil.

How much Bio Fuel is in my fuel?
We maintain an approximate 10% blend.

Heating Fuel: Oil

How does the Budget (Smart Pay) work?
Your budget is 12 monthly payments based on your predicted usage for the year.

How do you know when to deliver?
We calculate how much oil your home uses at certain temperatures and forecast future deliveries. We then deliver based on that forecast.

Why do prices vary at other companies?
Companies offer different levels of service and fuel quality. We are a full-service company that treats our fuel with additives which stabilizes your fuel in storage and keeps your system clean.

Do you offer Senior discounts and Military discounts?
We offer both Senior and Military discounts as .03cpg discounts, and you can add them together.