Water Quality

Know what’s in the water before you select the treatment.

We took for granted that the water coming into our home was safe and closely monitored. If you’ve checked the news you know that this fact is now hotly debated.

No matter where you live and what your water source may be, a quality-water system is your family’s front line of protection against dangerous chemicals, hardness elements, iron, rust, sediment, and a variety of other substances. Moyer conducts basic water hardness test and uses local labels for more detailed testing.

Your first step towards water safety is to contact the water specialists at Moyer Indoor |Outdoor. It is important to know what is in your water before you decide how to treat it. Our experts will have your water tested and recommend a solution.

For most households, “hard water” is the main culprit – affecting everything from your plumbing to the softness of your clothes and the cleanliness of your home.

Most water conditioning and purifying equipment is not well known to the general public however, because our professionals deal with them daily, we know the quality systems from the inferior brands. We choose the most reliable manufacturers with track records of excellence in design, construction and longevity.

Safety is your first priority however there are other reasons to install water treatments.

You’ll add years of life to dishwashers, washing machines and water heaters
Your water flow and pressure should improve because there’s less build-up in pipes.