Photo of Heating Fuel Services Photo of Heating Fuel Services

Better Quality, Better Service, Better Price

Figuring out how to get a fair price on home heating oil can be confusing. It doesn’t have to be! Moyer Indoor | Outdoor guarantees fair fuel prices – always! Choosing a fuel provider shouldn’t be a guessing game that often results in costly mistakes. Our budget plans and price protection guarantees make sure that your heating oil bills stay predictable and as low as possible.


Over the past 50 years we’ve learned that oil service is not just about cost of oil. Each property is unique; heating use fluctuates and household budgets vary.

First step: Contact us. We’ll ask you several questions about your tank and its location. If necessary we’ll inspect your tank (for free) to be sure it’s in top working order.

We’ll walk you through the different ways you can purchase oil. Perhaps you’d like to lock in a price or maybe you’d prefer to rely on fluctuating fair-market value – we’ll give you the details on all the methods we provide. We’ll explain our service contracts and find what works for you.

Call us today at 215-799-2003 arrange for oil delivery service.

Should you decide on a contract, we’ll give your equipment an initial inspection free to be sure it’s in top working order.

Finally, should you have problems with your heating system; we’re on call 24/7 for emergencies. We provide next day service for all non-emergencies. Depending on which contract you select, your visits may be free.

To arrange for oil delivery or a burner service contract, contact us today at 215-799-2003 or call toll free at 866-669-3747.