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Air Conditioner Replacement – What You Need to Know

HVAC February 7th, 2017 Back to HVAC Blog
air conditioner replacement

Central air conditioning is a delight to have in your home. If you are tired of moving the window units each season or looking for ways to stay cool in the hot days of summer, we have a solution for you. If your current system is struggling to keep up on those extreme temperature days, it’s time to think about a more energy efficient option to provide comfort inside your house and cost savings on your energy bill.

It is something you want to speak to a comfort specialists about. The system you select will be providing air comfort in your home for the next twenty years and it should be designed specifically to your needs and your home design. There are many options on the market today and new economical ways to achieve comfortable temperatures on a reasonable budget.

If you decide to get started, your HVAC contractor will calculate heat load for your home. This means he’ll calculate its size, the insulation factors, the number of windows and the amount of sun and shade it receives.

Don’t skip this important step.
If you install oversized equipment, your space may cool quicker but it may not be able to remove the humidity in the air. On the other hand, installing equipment that is too small means it will run constantly, cost more and will fail to completely cool the air.

Your contractor may suggest that a ductless air conditioning is the best option for you and your budget. Unlike central air conditioning, which has one or two central blower units (usually in the attic), these systems have one central condensing units installed outside your home and one or multiple streamlined units installed inside your house, providing a high efficiency solution to cooling and heating your home.

It’s time to get rid of those noisy, inefficient window units. By selecting the right professional and the right equipment the unbearable heat of summer will stay outside and you’ll remain cool and comfortable in your home. Don’t spend another summer without air conditioning.

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