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Is It Dangerous To Have Grain Beetles In My Cupboards?

Pantry pest control products could be needed if grain beetles or weevils invade this part of the home. Think a Black Flag pantry pest trap will do the trick? Think again! Experts at Moyer Pest Control can effectively handle your grain beetle infestation.

If there is a pantry pest beetle problem, our experienced technicians can look at setting out a pantry pest trap arsenal instead of using a potentially harmful pantry pest spray.

How To Spot Signs Of Grain Beetles In Your Cupboards

Spotting signs of a pantry pest beetle could mean a possible infestation in the home pantry. Inspect closely to learn more about the situation before putting out a pantry pest trap and calling it a day.

  • Actual Bugs: If homeowners see a grain beetle or weevil present in the pantry or inside one of the products that come out of the pantry, it is safe to assume there could be more.
  • Compromised Packages: These pests chew through many types of packaging for stored products. If any tiny holes are present or, say, flour is spilling out from a little area; it could indicate the food source is infested with grain beetles.
  • Eggs or Larvae: Noting these life stages of grain beetles and weevils can be extremely difficult because they are usually relatively tiny to see with the naked eye.

Are Grain Beetles Dangerous?

Finding a grain beetle onsite can undoubtedly raise an eyebrow, but it doesn’t need to freak out the entire household. These pests don’t pass any diseases to humans and are just considered a nuisance. Weevils don’t bite, so the same can be said for them.

Grain Beetle & Weevil Prevention Tips For Homes

Some folks may think that using a Black Flag pantry pest trap can help, but these products are geared for moths, not beetles. One way to avoid using a pantry pest spray is to stay on top of preventing these pantry invaders.

  • Clean Up Spills: If any trigger foods are spilled (cake mixes, flour, cocoa, nuts, and others), be sure to dispose of the remnants quickly. Sanitize the spill area for extra measure.
  • Discard Compromised Food: If weevils or grain beetles are found inside a food product, don’t try to salvage it; throw it out. Immediately remove trash containing said products from the home.
  • Inspect Products: Carefully look over every food product before purchasing. Be sure to look in the crevices and creases for any signs of a pantry pest that may have helped himself to this grocery item. Avoid purchasing any suspect products.
  • Remember Animal Food: Store birdseed, cat food, dog food and other pet food in durable plastic containers that seal tightly. Even if these foods are not stored in the home pantry, they can sometimes attract pantry pests; it’s best to be prepared.
  • Store Food In Containers: Ditch original packages upon returning home from the supermarket. Pour products into glass or metal canisters with airtight lids that prevent any pantry pests from getting inside.

The Most Effective Way To Get Rid Of Grain Beetles

Pantry pest control can take a comprehensive approach for the solution to have long-term effects. Moyer is a trusted resource when homeowners are ready to see those pantry pests pack their bags for good. Our knowledgeable residential pest control team members know what to look for and can properly address whatever pest issues the home pantry may have. Give us a call at 215.799.2010 or fill out the form below and we will contact you.


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