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What’s Attracting Mice To My Property?

Mice are pests you do not want invading your home. Find out what is attracting these pests to your home and how they may be getting inside.

Mice can sometimes be very cute, especially in cartoons, but in real life they are rodents who cause damage and carry disease. You’ll soon find that they have no place inside your home. However, you might unknowingly be inviting them to your property.

What attracts mice to your property?: The food, water, and shelter that they need to survive and can be found in abundance in and around your home.


Mice are always in search of food and your home is an all you can eat buffet. Mice are omnivores whose diet can range from grains, seeds, fruits and vegetables all the way to paper, cardboard and the electrical wiring in your home. Mice are known to chew through kitchen pantries and help themselves to both the contents of your pet’s food dish and your leftovers from dinner.


It’s true that mice can get by on a fraction of an ounce of water each day but they do need a regular water source to survive. So they’ll be attracted to any part of your home that fits the bill: leaks, condensation, faucet drips or overflowing outdoor containers.


Mice are looking for a safe and warm place to build their nests and your home offers the perfect environment. Mice will build their nests in walls, attics, basements and even in furniture like sofas and mattresses.

Mice will be attracted to your yard and property if there are piles of junk, debris, or wood where they can seek shelter from the weather and predators. This includes bushes or overgrown vegetation close to your home. From here, it is only a matter of time before they find an entry point into your home, where they may have easy access to food and water sources.

Clutter is a big draw for mice. It provides the ideal space for mice to hide and start to hunker down. Make sure your garages, attics and any other storage areas are kept tidy and clear.


Mice can gain entry through a hole as small as a dime, damaged screens, vents, or cracks in your foundation and exterior walls. If they find a tiny hole, they can scratch, chew, and gnaw until the hole is big enough to squeeze through.

The Unwelcome Guests

Once mice have entered your home, they run amuck spreading germs and bacteria that can make people and pets sick. Once mice have gone through the trash, with decaying organic matter, they won’t hesitate to run through your house, get into your kitchen and pantry, and walk across your counters spreading bacteria.

They can also introduce fleas, ticks, mites, and lice to your home, as well as spread illness and damage property with their feces and urine. But, worse than that, they can gnaw on electrical wires or plumbing pipes, which can cause fire or flooding in certain circumstances.

DIY Will Only Get You So Far

Some DIY methods can help get rid of some of the mice in your home, and perhaps give you some relief, but those methods can’t guarantee complete eradication. And what’s to stop other mice from invading your home? This is why professional pest control is so important for homeowners who want the complete eradication of mice and other pests from their homes.

Get Peace of Mind. Call a Trusted Pest Professional.

Have you seen signs of mice in your home, or heard them scurrying around in your attic and walls? If so, it is important to act right away to avoid illness and damage that they can cause. If you are looking for complete control that is EPA-approved and uses the most advanced techniques and products, look no further than our Mouse Control Service.

Contact us or call 215.799.2010 for more information on rodent control. We guarantee your home will be mouse-free and help you to prevent an infestation in the future.



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