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Home Maintenance Common Questions

HVAC January 16th, 2018 Back to HVAC Blog
Home Maintenance Checklist

Your home is your biggest investment, so maintaining it is a pretty important process. To most, remembering when and how to check the amenities that keep a home functioning may seem difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. We’ve put together a home maintenance schedule that will keep your home running like a well-oiled machine all year long.

When should I have my pool serviced?
Your pool requires service in the spring and fall. It is entirely up to you as to when you want the pool open and closed. If you have a heater, you could open your pool sooner and close it later in the season than other homeowners without one. We’ve already mentioned that your pool shouldn’t be ignored throughout the winter season, as doing so will help prevent major problems when it comes time to open the pool again. Your pool heater may require a tune-up every now and again, at your discretion.

How Frequently Should I Change My Air Filter?
Your heating and air conditioning filter should be changed regularly. The type of system your home has determined how often the filters need to be changed. If you have pets or many occupants in the house or live in an area where there is a lot of air pollution, you may have to swap the filters out more frequently. Generally speaking, you should check your air filter every other month to maintain the air quality in your home and keep your home’s heating and cooling system running in optimal condition.

How often should I have a gas furnace serviced?
We recommend having your furnace serviced prior to the beginning of heating season and after it has been used for the season. Regular service can prevent issues like carbon monoxide poisoning or dysfunctionality. If your heater isn’t functioning properly, this can cause your furnace to work harder than it has to, ultimately raising the cost of your heating bill.

When should my Air Conditioning unit be serviced?
Your A/C unit should be serviced once a year. This should include an inspection and cleaning to ensure that it’s operating efficiently once the hot weather rolls around. Without service, your A/C unit could accumulate dust and dirt on the condensing coils and ail filters that allow it to function properly. Annual service prevents your HVAC unit from running into problems during the season and eliminates the risk of inefficient operation. We recommend having your HVAC unit serviced early in the year before summer hits.

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