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Most homeowners take for granted that their trees and shrubs will be healthy for a lifetime. They don’t realize that these beautiful specimens need care and maintenance. To keep trees and shrubs healthy they need proper feeding, protection against the elements and insect control. We’ll recommend the best way to keep your plants healthy for years to come. Our knowledge and skills make it easy to keep your trees and shrubs healthy and beautiful.

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We offer specific solutions and programs for the health of your trees and shrubs:

Dormant Oil
After inspection of your property, our technician may recommend an application of Dormant Oil for your trees and shrubs. This is usually done in spring or fall however many of the new, lighter horticultural oils are also suitable for summer and are used to combat aphids, leafhoppers, mites, scale insects, whitefly and powdery mildew. This treatment eliminates or controls the eggs of many insects before they hatch. Not all trees and shrubs tolerate dormant oil so your Moyer tree expert will be sure to select the right application and the right time for treatment of your specimens.

Birch & Holly Tree Injection
Boring insects are difficult to control after an infestation is established. The Birch and Leaf Miner and Holly Leaf Miners have larva burrow into the tree or the leaves and cause severe damage. The tree’s leaves turn brown, wilt or drop by mid-summer leaving it in distress and susceptible to other insects.

Watch your trees carefully. If you suspect that there may be a problem, your Moyer tree specialist will evaluate the damage and select the correct treatment. In most cases we will recommend an application, injected into the soil and taken up by surface feeding roots. This will not only begin to help your trees recover, it will help prevent Leaf Miners from invading your trees in the future.

Mite Control
If your trees begin to show signs of distress – losing their deep green color and becoming a grey or mustard color, you might be facing a Mite infestation. Mites feed on plant cells by sucking out the fluids. Although they thrive well in the spring and fall, they do best hot, dry weather. It takes time for their damage to become evident so it is important that, as soon as your suspect a problem, you contact us.

Our Moyer approach involves four sprays that are spaced between four and six week intervals. We inspect the trees before and after each application to monitor and check the progress. Contact our tree care specialist today for a free “on property” inspection.

Deep Root Fertilization
Trees and shrubs require nourishment to live and thrive. If the soil lacks in important nutrients, your specimen will be more susceptible to disease and insect problems and will have a shorter life than a similar, well-fertilized trees.

Our fertilization is injected into the soil and where it can provide essential micro and macronutrients for your trees and shrubs. This process improves the health and vigor of your landscape by encouraging a healthier root system.

Holly Tone®
If you have acid loving trees and shrubs such as azaleas, hollies, rhododendrons and evergreens, your Moyer specialist may recommend Hollytone treatments. We are one of the only companies to offer this quality product. We select the right amount and the proper time to give your plants the nutrients that will keep them happy and healthy.

Fungicides come in different forms and are useful in treating many pests and diseases. There are many factors that must be identified before using this treatment. Your Moyer Tree and Shrub expert will inspect your property first to identify your specific problem. They will select the proper time for the right application- taking into consideration the life cycle of the pest, the severity of the disease and the many environmental factors of your area. Frequency of your application will depend on specific disease and environmental conditions. Let your Moyer expert evaluate the proper treatment of your shrubs and trees today!

Winter Overcoat
(Antidesiccant Spray Application)
Strong winds can severely damage the trees and shrubs that maintain foliage over the winter.

Anti-desiccant sprays reduce winter injury by adding a protective waxy coating on the leaves and stems that will help prevent moisture loss during winter’s harsh weather. Knowing when to apply and which trees to treat is the job of a professional. Contact Moyer for your free tree and shrub evaluation.

At Moyer Tree & Shrub Care, we offer you treatment programs that protect your investment while helping to beautify your property. From a long border of Arborvitae to foundation plants, we protect and promote the health of your trees and shrubs.


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