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How do Bed Bugs Spread – It May Surprise You

While bed bugs don’t have thumbs, they are some of the most skillful hitchhikers in our country. Part of the reason is in the way that these bugs do their hitchhiking. They don’t stand on the side of the road with their thumb out, hoping someone will pick them up. They don’t hold up a sign that says “West Chester, PA or Bust.” Their methods are much more sinister.

Honestly, hitchhiking isn’t really the best word to describe what bed bugs do. They don’t really hitch a ride. They steal one. Much in the way someone might stow away in a boat or railcar, but even this doesn’t adequately describe how these pests spread. They don’t know what items are going to travel from one place to another.

It just so happens that they prefer to live in items that we move around, items such as mattresses, box springs, bed frames, nightstands, alarm clocks, books left on the nightstand, upholstered furniture, and more.

Bed bugs can also hitch a ride in items that move around without moving. Confused? The items we are referring to are the seats found in taxis, buses, trains, and planes. While the items themselves are not being transported, they do get around.

The plane seat that was in Africa yesterday could be in Pennsylvania today. The bus seat that was in Mississippi yesterday could be here today. So, it is important to understand that we can pick up bed bugs even before we get to where we are going.

Bed bugs aren’t necessarily clever, but how they hitchhike can trick even the most observant traveler. If you know all the steps needed to check your hotel room for bed bugs, but don’t know that you can get bed bugs at a friend’s house or the house of a relative, you could bring these pests back to your PA home.

Bed bugs don’t just live in hotels and motels. And, they don’t just live in places that are dirty. These bugs are not drawn to filth. They are drawn to blood. That is why they can be found in the cleanest environments.

Last, but not least, it is vital to understand that bed bugs don’t always hitchhike as adult bugs. Tiny larvae, about the size of the tip of a pen, can get into your belongings and travel with you. These pests are also known to lay their tiny white eggs in the seams of luggage, pocketbooks, clothing, and more. Since these eggs don’t require the mother to hatch, you can have a full-blown infestation from a single batch of eggs.

If you find bed bugs in your home, or you’d like to protect your home from a bed bug infestation, reach out to Moyer. These resilient and clever pests are rarely eradicated with DIY products.

Getting professional bed bug control from Moyer can save you months of trauma, unneeded expense, and the possibility of a dangerous outcome like a house fire. Be safe. Trust Moyer to make those bed bugs disappear. Give us a call at 215.799.2010 or fill out the form below and we will contact you. 


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