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Top Five Places Bed Bugs Are Found

In recent years, the United States has had a resurgence of an old enemy, the bed bug. Once thought to be all but eradicated, the bed bug has made a huge comeback and has now been found in every state across the country. It turns out that these tiny bugs are resilient and are seasoned travelers. It is extremely easy for them to go from person to person.

Whether they are hitching a ride in luggage from a hotel or finding their way into a handbag from a park bench, bed bugs have adapted nicely to all the ways they can become a nuisance in any household. That is why it is a good idea to do periodic sweeps through your home in the most likely places that bed bugs might have set up shop.

If there is a bed bug infestation, you should be able to see tiny drops of blood or smears of waste that they leave behind. Be on the lookout for tiny black specks that are the eggs the female bed bug has laid as well as the shells of bug bodies that the nymphs shed as they grow. Live bugs can also be spotted if you are looking closely enough.

Bed bugs are likely to be found within 5 feet or so of where their human hosts spend a great deal of time. Here are the top five places to check.


Like their name suggests, the bed bug is extremely partial to the bed. This spot ensures that they can easily creep out in the night and feed on their host without anyone being the wiser. It is important to routinely inspect both the box spring and the mattress to make sure that they are clean of bed bugs. Checking around the headboard and frame is also important making sure that each crack or crevice has been monitored.

Living Room Furniture

We all spend a lot of time in the living room, so it is essential that the furniture is checked thoroughly on occasion. Take a flashlight and check around and under each cushion, under the arms as well as any crevice in the couches and chairs in the room. Make sure that around the legs of the furniture including end tables and coffee tables are checked as well.

Pet Bedding

Bed bugs prefer their human hosts, but your favorite pet will probably do if they are short haired. Bed bugs are commonly found in your pets bedding. Just like with your bedding, check out your pet’s bed. Make sure that it is regularly vacuumed and inspected for the telltale signs of bed bugs.


Infestations can spread just about anywhere in the home. The bedroom closet is another likely source where bed bugs might go to hide, especially if the closet is close to the bed. Armed with a flashlight, make sure to do a thorough inspection of all of the clothes that are stored there as well as any boxes, bags, and carpeting on the floor.

Electrical Outlets

Bed bugs not only like to travel in luggage from hotel to home, they also can easily travel from room to room, or from the neighbor’s apartment to yours through the electrical outlets scattered throughout the building. They have been found a number of times hiding in the walls and ceilings of homes and hotels coming through the outlets to feed.

If a bed bug infestation is suspected, don’t hesitate. Call Moyer Pest Control for a thorough inspection right away. The fact is, finding evidence of them in one spot makes it much more likely that they are practically anywhere in the home.

Trying to deal with the problem without professional help is more often than not a frustrating waste of time and resources. Moyer Pest Control will have a professional technician on their way to help solve the bed bug problem once and for all. Give us a call at 215.799.2010 or fill out the form below and we will contact you. 


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