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Services you can count on for over 150 years. That’s the Moyer promise we bring to all our home and commercial services, including Moyer Pool & Spa. We have proudly been providing pool & spa maintenance to Franconia, PA customers since 1981. Whether you have a chlorine or saltwater pool, our experts can help keep your pool water clean and pool equipment well-maintained so you can spend your time enjoying your pool and not maintaining it.

I want to thank the technician for the excellent job he did on my pool today. The weather was miserable, and there was a lot of debris in the pool. He vacuumed, tested, and balanced the water, and now my pool is sparkling clean. He was very thorough and knowledgeable. We would definitely have him back to our home.

- Julie F.

Both chlorine and saltwater pools have specific maintenance needs and our pool professionals can keep both types of pools running efficiently year-round. Our services range from basic repairs, pool opening & closing, and saltwater pool conversions.

A few of the problems we can help fix include:

  • Water clarity
  • Chlorine and chemical problems
  • Equipment failure
  • Leaks
  • Debris backflow

Pool Opening & Closing – Our Franconia pool professionals can close down your pool in the fall by lowering the water levels and removing any water from the pipes. We also winterize the water by adding the correct chemicals to the pool. In the spring or summer, we can prepare your pool for use by reassembling any parts that were removed during closing and adding the necessary chemicals to the water.

Pool Maintenance & Service – Our technicians can help keep your pool maintained throughout the year. Whether its cover damage in the winter or maintaining proper chemical levels in the summer, we can help keep your pool looking great.

Saltwater Conversions & ServicesOur technicians are educated on the latest technology and we install more saltwater pool systems in the area than other companies. We can help you enjoy the benefits of a saltwater pool which include smoother water without added chemicals that cause red eyes, itchy skin or discolored hair.

If you love to swim, but dislike maintaining your pool, our pool experts can help. At Moyer Pool & Spa, we offer a variety of services to keep your pool & spa working properly.

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