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Pool Care Maintenance & Water Testing Tips

pool care

Whether you’re the lucky owner of a pool or looking to have one installed, you understand it takes a lot of care and maintenance to keep it up and running. 

Here are some tips and tricks for taking care of your pool throughout the summer. 

  • Skim frequently
    Depending on the weather and the type of greenery surrounding your yard, leaves and other debris will gather on your pool’s surface. Make skimming your pool a daily habit. Skimming can help prevent build-up in your pool’s pump and filter, allowing the equipment to last longer. Plus, a pool full of clear water is more appealing to jump into! 
  • Brush weekly
    Algae and other debris can gather on the walls of your pool, slides, ladders, and stairs. To prevent excessive build-up, plan to brush your pool once a week. Brushing can prevent the spread of algae in your pool and ultimately help your pump run better. 
  • Vacuum weekly, too
    Like brushing, a weekly vacuum can do wonders for your pool. Once you’ve cleaned your pool’s steps, slides, and sides, use a vacuum to collect all of the debris. If you don’t have the time to vacuum the pool yourself, invest in an automatic one. There are three types to choose from: robotic, pressure, and suction. No matter which one you choose, all you have to do is turn it on, sit back, and relax.
  • Invest in a good pump
    Without the right pump, your pool water won’t circulate properly, and the chemicals that keep your pool safe won’t work effectively. Ensure your pool pump is in good working order by conducting weekly checks. Also, it’s essential to make sure your pump is running for an extended period of time (usually 10+ hours) daily. Running the pump allows your pool chemicals to do their job and keep your water safe for swimming. 
  • Keep your filter clear
    Leaves, debris, and even pool toys can quickly clog up your filter. Make checking your pool filter a daily habit to prevent debris build-up. Doing so will also ensure your pool pump is running at full capacity. To clear the filter, you can either backwash it or brush off the debris.
  • Test your water regularly
    To prevent your pool water from becoming murky and unhealthy, you should test it a couple of times per week. There are at-home liquid testing kits as well as testing strips that you can use to perform these tests. You’ll measure your pool’s pH and chlorine levels so you can adjust your chemistry accordingly.

    • pH levels around 7.2-7.6
    • Chlorine around 1-4 ppm
    • Calcium hardness about 200-400 ppm
    • Alkalinity about 120-150 ppm
    • Phosphates – if your pool water is green or cloudy, it might be your phosphate levels are too high
  • Shock the Pool
    Every few weeks, it is good practice to overload your water with sanitizer, “shocking” to kill off any bacteria, organic matter or other contaminants. A good time to shock your pool is after periods of heavy usage, an intense storm or an algae growth breakout.
  • Maintain your equipment
    If your equipment is failing, you won’t be able to maintain your pool, which can result in unsafe swimming conditions. Our technicians are certified and trained in all aspects of pool maintenance.

Following these tips will help you maintain a crystal-clear quality pool and avoid algae growth. It helps to create a routine so you don’t forget and to take action early if you notice discoloration, cloudy water, scaling, or other signs of trouble.

Would you like to learn more about our our pool maintenance services? Call 215.799.2019 or fill out the contact form on the bottom of the page. We can answer any of your questions and discuss how you can enjoy your pool even more.



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