Pool Maintenance and Service

Moyer Pool Service Keeps Your Pool in Top Working Order

Everyone would love their pool to be carefree. Unfortunately, your pool needs attention throughout the year. Our technicians are certified and trained in all parts of pool maintenance.

Contact us or call 215-799-2008 for more information.

Moyer Repair/Replacement

It happens. Perhaps the pump stops, your heater or filter no longer functions. Our expert service team is always on call to repair or replace pool equipment. We’ll select and install the right part and fix it quickly so you can get back to enjoying your pool.

Moyer Structure and Equipment Evaluation

Before you spring a leak or you find that rip in your pool cover, let our specialists check your pool and all the items you use yearly. Should a problem be spotted we can take care of it quickly.

Pool Safety Covers

Is your pool safety cover still safe? Over time your pool cover begins to show wear and becomes unsafe. Our professionals will check for stripped or deteriorating deck anchors, worn or missing straps, rips, tears and sagging. Let Moyer Pool Technician inspect your safety cover for FREE to ensure your cover and anchors stay safe throughout the winter.