Photo of Oil Tank Replacement & Installation Services Photo of Oil Tank Replacement & Installation Services

Oil Tank Replacement & Installation

Depending on its location and maintenance, you can go without needing an oil tank replacement for 15 or 20 years. When people move into a home, they don’t think about their tank and the age of it. The most common problem for oil tanks are internal problems – this usually includes trapped moisture and sediment. As this issue becomes more serious, the internal buildup will start to burn tiny holes along the body of the unit and eventually comprise the integrity of the tank.

How do you know if it’s time to replace your tank. Moyer Indoor | Outdoor experts recommend inspecting your tank for:

  • Tank legs unstable or on an uneven foundation.
  • Rust, weeps, wet spots, or excessive dents on the tank’s surface.
  • Drips or signs of leakage around the oil filter or valves.
  • Oil lines run either under concrete or above ground without being encased in protective tubing.
  • Threats of snow or ice falling on the oil tank or the filter.
  • Signs of the tank’s vent being clogged or blocked by ice or snow.
  • Signs of spills around the fill pipe.
  • Tank’s gauge cracked, stuck or frozen.
  • Oil or staining around the tank.
  • Age of tank.
  • Fill vent copper or plastic.

It is also advantageous to know just how old your existing tank is so you can be prepared for tank replacement when the time comes. If the tank is nearing 20 years, it is time to replace.

Moyer experts can provide a FREE in-home inspection for you and recommend repairs or replacement if needed. Put your mind at ease. Call Donna Floyd at 215-799-2000 ext. 2525 to schedule your appointment.

IMPORTANT -Disclaimer of Liability for Equipment and Environmental Damages: Under no circumstances is Moyer Indoor | Outdoor obligated to repair or replace your oil tank, lines and/or piping. We assume no liability for, and you are solely responsible for, the condition and maintenance of your oil tank, lines and/or piping. Our agreement with you does not insure against oil tank, line and/or piping leakage or any damages to person or property resulting from tank, line and/or piping leakage, and it does not cover the costs of any cleanup, removal, remediation or other activities to comply with any environmental or other laws, rules or regulations. WE WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR BODILY INJURY, A DECREASE IN PROPERTY VALUE OR PROPERTY DAMAGE ARISING OUT OF THE DISPOSAL, DISCHARGE, DISPERSAL, RELEASE, OR ESCAPE OF HEATING OIL OR OTHER PETROLEUM SUBSTANCES INTO OR UPON YOUR PROPERTY, SURROUNDING PROPERTY, OR INTO THE ENVIRONMENT (AIR, WATER OR SOIL) UNLESS CAUSED BY OUR GROSS NEGLIGENCE.

Pennsylvania has programs to help with environmental cleanup costs from releases of heating oil from certain
underground tanks. See their programs for qualifications and limitations.