Considering replacing your air conditioning system?

As you know, the long and hot summer months place a tremendous amount of stress on air conditioning systems. So – if you’re considering an air conditioning system replacement, it’s important to take into account its durability or quality, reputation, and efficiency.

With years of market experience and expertise, our specialists can help you find and choose the central air conditioning system that’s right for you. Moyer can size the ideal fit for your needs as well as install your new system for optimal performance and cooling efficiency. Moreover, upgrading your aging system to a more modern, more efficient air conditioning system will improve your home’s comfort no matter how hot it gets outside, plus save you money on your energy bills.

In addition, Moyer will work closely with your energy company to acquire the available local rebates or federal tax credits on energy conservation improvements.

Moyer also recommends that you purchase the best system and most efficient system you can afford since rebates and reduced energy costs can quickly reduce your overall costs. Add-ons like a variable speed blower can help bring down the humidity in your house for less money than trying to cool your home using air conditioning.

Another consideration is that you may choose to combine both air condition and heating into one system rather than just replace your air conditioning. Though initially more expensive, the efficiencies will pay off in 5 years or less.

Also be sure to size your system correctly for your house. If the unit is too big, you can burn out your compressor. This is another reason to call Moyer before making a decision.

Anyone will tell you to shop around for the best buy….but as with most purchases, the cost is not always the deciding factor in building and maintaining your system. Experience matters, as does the longevity of the company entrusted with your business. You want to be sure they are there when you need them, and you must trust them to think for you in an emergency. Contact the heating and cooling experts at Moyer Indoor|Outdoor for more information.

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