Heat Pumps

If you’re considering installing a new heat pump or a repair of an existing one, our certified and highly-trained technicians can help you our. We are know as one of the leading experts of this technology in the area.

Heat pumps have the capacity for great heating efficiency and versatile performance. They use the heat transfer principle of extracting existing heat from the air outside as well as collecting thermal energy to create heat for your home. The pump reverses this cycle in the warmer months to become a cooling system – bringing year-round comfort with one efficient system.

Because of heavy, year-round use, it is important to routinely check your equipment. A well-maintained pump can keep you comfortable as well as reduce your energy bill.

Moyer offers a full line of service agreements and add-on systems to suit your home and lifestyle, and Our Service Contracts are designed to keep your heat pump running well and at the peak of efficiency.

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