Home Heating Safety Tips

With winter comes colder, shorter days and less sunlight. One of the biggest worries you and your family may have through the winter season is making sure your home’s heating system works efficiently to keep you warm and dry. There’s no worse problem to have than your heating system failing in the dead of winter.

To help prevent issues and stay safe in the event of a winter emergency, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Prevent hire hazards heating elements can cause. If your heating furnace ever goes out, the first thing you should do is immediately call a heating company to come in as soon as possible to repair your heater. In the meantime, you may turn to other ways to keep your house warm. Candles, space heaters, stovetops, and generators keep your home warm for a while, but they also pose a risk of starting a fire in seconds. Keep flammable items away from these products and your heating system – gasoline, cleaning solvents, or other chemicals. The vapors from these flammable liquids and chemicals could ignite and cause a fire that can do major damage to your home.
  • Be wary of carbon monoxide poisoning. Sometimes using alternative heating sources like heat generators can produce carbon monoxide poisoning. Make sure everything is well-ventilated in your home, and you have a carbon monoxide monitor nearby. Have your heating furnace checked every year to avoid carbon monoxide buildup.
  • Watch for frozen pipes. If your home heating system breaks down for a long period of time, the cold could cause pipes to freeze and burst which can cause water damage to your house. It’s important to keep your heating system running properly. To prevent frozen pipes from occurring, it helps to turn off your outdoor water valves in the winter.
  • Conduct some preventative maintenance. The best way to protect your home heating system is to keep checking on it to ensure it’s working properly. Get it inspected by a profession heating company to make sure it is running smoothly and prepared for the winter season. A professional will ensure that your home heating system is up to par for the upcoming cold and deal with any potential problems before they become a disaster.

Your home’s heating system is one of the largest and most expensive investments that you make. If you have a problem with your heating system this winter, follow these tips to get your problem solved quickly and safely. For all of your winter heating needs, contact the experts at Moyer Indoor Outdoor