Photo of Heating Fuels Payment Options Services Photo of Heating Fuels Payment Options Services

Heating Fuels Payment Options

Give us a call and we’ll review each oil heating payment plan and contract with you to see which one fits the best with your needs and property. We have three standard contracts; however, if you have special needs, talk to us.



Rather than having to worry about a big bill showing up unexpectedly, this convenient plan enables you to pay for your home heating needs in twelve equal monthly installments.


With this popular plan, purchase all of your oil in the spring/summer and lock-in for one fixed price. Our PreBuy customers get reliable deliveries all year-long, plus usually pay a per gallon price lower than those not on our PreBuy plan. No matter how high heating fuel prices rise, you are locked-in with Moyer’s PreBuy plan.

Senior Citizen Discounts

To help our area senior citizens manage their budgets, we offer a discount on qualifying plans. If you are 65 years of age or older, you can take advantage of this money-saving option.

To arrange for oil delivery or a burner service contract, contact us today at 215-799-2003 or call toll free at 866-669-3747.