Moyer Plumbing Specials

A broken toilet is never a good thing. It brings a whole new meaning to “Wawa run.” Call us. We’ll get you up and running and give you this $50.00 discount.

$50 Off Any Toilet Repair

Whether it’s “Surprise, you need a new toilet!” or you’re treating yourself to an upgrade, we’ve got an extra treat – a $50.00 discount on a toilet installation.

$50 Off Any Toilet Installation

Is water taking a little longer to drain from your sink or tub? Stay ahead of the game and schedule a drain cleaning for only $89.00.

$89 Single Drain Cleaning Special

It’s never a good time to run out of hot water. We’ll take the edge off the chill and your bill with this $50.00 discount.

$50 Off Water Heater Repair

We want you to sing in the shower, not scream from the shock of no hot water. Even better, we’re offering $200.00 off a water heater replacement.

$200 Off Water Heater Replacement

Broken faucet? Clogged drain? Whatever it is, these things never have good timing. Not only will we get you back to normal quickly, it’ll come with this $50.00 discount.

$50 OFF Any Plumbing Repair

Treat yourself to the convenience of a water treatment system. Ditch the filter pitchers and enjoy soft, clear water throughout your entire home. Get $150 off a Water Treatment System.