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Lawn Care Plans to Fit Every Budget & Need

Basic Lawn Care

Our 7 Step seasonal program levels.

Basic Lawn Care – 7 Step Program BRONZE SILVER GOLD PLATINUM
1. EARLY SPRING: Complete fertilizer application featuring both fast- and slow-release fertilizers, plus pre-emergent crabgrass control.

2. LATE SPRING: Fast- and slow-release fertilizers applied along with broadleaf weed control.

3. EARLY SUMMER: Fast- and slow-release fertilizers applied along with broadleaf weed control (if needed).

4. LATE SUMMER: Slow-release fertilizer applied along with surface-feeding insect control (as needed).

5. EARLY FALL: Complete fertilizer applied with full broadleaf weed control.

6. FALL: Heavy rate application of organically-based complete fertilizer.

7. WINTER: Fertilizer application to enhance root development, turf health, and reduce weed competition in spring.

Guaranteed Grub Control & Lime Application

Core Aeration & Seeding
including disease control and soil testing

Tree & Shrub Program
including spring fertilization, insect and mite control as well as fall fertilization

Lawn Care Add-Ons

These are services that can be added on to our lawn care programs or done individually.

Flea & Tick Control Program

Our outdoor Flea & Tick Control program is a series of services is guaranteed to protect your lawn for 4 – 5 weeks.
Learn More About Our Flea & Tick Control Program

Lawn Aeration & Seeding

Lawn aeration and seeding is among the best and quickest method to improve the turf density of your existing lawn.
Learn More About Our Aeration & Seeding Program

Moyer Organic Lawn Care Program

A Full Fertility program that incorporates exclusively organic-based products and a lime application.

6 Fully Organic fertilizer applications and one lime treatment. Contact us to learn more about our Organic Program
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What Our Customers Say

Moyer has become extended family to me.

Rated 5 out of 5
August 17, 2021

Hello. For thirteen years, Moyer has become extended family to me. After a series of challenging life changes, I moved here with my two teen children and was not sure where to go. From first call, all those years ago, I felt a metaphorical arm from Moyer wrapped around my weary, heavy shoulders. From A to Z, I could find positive adjectives to express my thoughts on Moyer. Professional, amiable, caring, compassionate, cooperative, prompt, empathetic, polite, organized, tidy, respectful, knowledgeable, trustworthy, devoted to service, understanding, helpful. I could go on. Sometimes the initial contact is an A+ to pull you in, then as the service goes deeper, there is less quality. Not so with Moyer. I recently had the pleasure of trusting Moyer for big services. Mike, Thad, Dan, (I wish I could bottle their supportive professional working skills of expertise and camaraderie…truly rarely seen.) Jim S., Jim L. …all came through to create a safer, more efficient and comfortable home for me. How can you put a good visual on peace of mind and security? Moyer. June, in the office, is my kindred spirit. Kim, Catherine, everyone I encounter I appreciate. Thank you to all who handle my heat, air, oil, pest, plumbing. I am hopefully anticipating electrical services. It is on my Santa List. Please know that I am not easily convinced in a business to take the time to write something such as this. For Moyer…it is my pleasure. My deepest gratitude from my heart. I keep you in thought and prayer. Do what needs to be done to keep these wonders in staff form at Moyer even cementing their feet to the floor. God bless you. Live well. Laugh often. Love much.

Carolyn A.

Not only does Jeremy know mechanical, but electronics too!

Rated 5 out of 5
September 28, 2021

Not only does Jeremy know mechanical, but electronics too! He got me up and running in no time and no damage was done. I want the Moyers to know how valuable it is to have someone who knows his stuff. My thanks to Jeremy and the whole Moyer crew

Fred M.

Beautiful job!

Rated 5 out of 5
August 17, 2021

The Moyer crew came out, removed my 54 year old oil furnace and installed a new one plus a programmable thermostat in one day. The crew was very courteous, kept me in the loop of everything they were doing, explained my new system and how to program the thermostat before cleaning up. Beautiful job!

John M.
Lawn Care Association of Pennsylvania National Association of Landscape Professionals

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