What they look like

Below are the 4 key stages of the Spotted Lanternfly life cycle.

If you have them on your property


Basal Bark Treatment

During spring, when the lanternflies are in the nymph stage, one treatment is applied and absorbed through the bark of the affected trees. When the lanternfly nymphs feed on the treated trees, they ingest the product and are controlled.


Spray Treatments

In the summer, our Moyer technicians apply two treatments of a topical spray directly on the trunks and branches of the trees so that the control product comes into direct contact with the lanternflies, who by now have matured into the adult stage. This provides an immediate and effective result.


Treatment & Fertilization

In the fall we apply one final insect application followed by a refined horticultural oil treatment to reduce the population. The final step of this process is a  fertilization application to help the tree regain its strength.

For best results, we recommend that you contact us immediately to set up an appointment for a free inspection. Our Moyer team of experts knows how to find and combat this pest using our spotted lanternfly treatment program.