Spotted Lanternfly Treatment Plan

Spotted Lanternfly Treatment Company Bucks County

Populations of the Spotted Lanternfly have been confirmed in Bucks, Montgomery, Chester, Lehigh and surrounding counties.

The Spotted Lanternfly is an invasive insect that infects many plants including grapes, Tree of Heaven, peaches and other timber trees. This insect is approximately 1-inch long with black spots and gray wings. When it flies, the hind wings are red. If plants and trees are left untreated, this invasive species may kill them.

Spotted Lanternfly Inspection Service Bucks County, PA

You may have a Spotted Lanternfly infestation if you notice:

  • Weep wounds on trees
  • Egg masses on tree trunks
  • Buildup of sticky fluid on plants
  • Sooty mold on infested plants


Moyer Indoor | Outdoor can help eliminate these invasive and damaging pests. We will come to your home and inspect trees and plants, looking for Spotted Lanternflies. If Spotted Lanternflies are detected, we will recommend a treatment plan, and of course, provide you with a quote to ensure no or minimal damage.