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In an academic setting, unwelcome pests can disrupt learning and cause health concerns for students and staff. We partner with you and your team to create a comprehensive pest control solution for your campus.

Academic Institution Pest Control

Creating and overseeing an atmosphere of learning where students, faculty, and employees can thrive is a huge responsibility. A pest infestation only adds to the burden of ensuring a safe and healthy place for students to learn and grow. That’s why it is important to be proactive and have an effective pest control program.

From dining halls to dorms, school buses to athletic fields, auditoriums to science labs, pests can gain access to your campus in multiple ways. Pests on campus do more than distract the attention of a few students during class. Cockroaches can trigger asthma. Rodents, flies and other bacteria-carrying pests can spread viruses and diseases.

Our technicians will inspect the campus to identify existing pest issues and areas where pest prevention is needed. We then create a custom treatment plan to provide maximum protection.

Working with us, you will receive:

  • Emergency service with technicians on call
  • Program frequency and scope to meet the needs of your campus
  • Goals of solving pest issues with an integrated approach to pest management
  • Dedicated account technicians servicing your location
  • No-preparation bed bug services are available
  • Outdoor pest landscape/turf management control also available

We use integrated pest management (IPM) solutions, allowing us to provide effective pest control while your faculty and students go about their days safely and uninterrupted.

Targeted Pests

Keeping pests off campus

There are steps you can take right now to help keep your campus facilities and grounds pest-free.

  • Evaluate landscaping, ensuring any vegetation is located one foot or more away from buildings so pests can’t use it to enter buildings.
  • Regularly clean and sanitize all areas, including classrooms, cafeterias, common areas, and food service areas. Follow safe food preparation practices, including proper food storage and prompt trash removal.
  • Communicate these practices and expectations with students living on campus.
  • Inspect the campus frequently to make sure access points are sealed to prevent pests from entering the building. Look for signs of infestation, like droppings, nests or other evidence of the presence of pests.
  • Be proactive by working with a professional pest control company before a pest situation gets out of control.

Our team of pest control service professionals includes a Board Certified Entomologist and an Associate Certified Entomologist.