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There are over 48,000 spider species in the world. Many spiders spin webs to capture their prey, while others will jump or leap. Yes, spiders will bite but most species do not pose a risk to humans. They will, however, kill their prey with their venom.

You may spot cobwebs around your home, but you may not see the spider that created them. That’s because they prefer to stay in dark, secluded areas such as cellars, attics, crawlspaces – anywhere they can easily retreat to and hide. If they’re seeking shelter in your home, it’s likely because they’re seeking a food source or trying to escape extreme weather and temperatures.

"I have not seen ONE ant!!"

February 18, 2023

“Best business ever! Tried EVERYTHING I could to get rid of ants!!! E V E R Y T H I N G !!! Called Moyer: Walt came out. Took his time; studied the ant invasion. It’s been 4 months; after being invaded by ants; I have not seen ONE ant!!”

Mary Ellen P.

Signs of a Spider Problem

A few spider webs are one thing, here are the signs you have a spider infestation:

  • You notice a large number of spiders in your home at one time.
  • You spot egg sacs in the cobwebs.
  • You already have an insect infestation and those insects are attracting spiders as a food source.
  • Your home has clutter where spiders will choose for shelter and a hunting ground.
  • Your home has unsealed spaces around windows and doors that make it easy for spiders to enter your home.

Spiders in our region

There are over 21 types of spiders in Pennsylvania, southern New Jersey and Delaware. These are the most common:

Spider Control for Peace of Mind

You can try to remove spiders from your home on your own But if you suspect an infestation schedule a visit with us to provide professional spider treatment.

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Spider Control The Moyer Way

Treatment Plan

Our treatment plan may include:

  • Placing spider traps to pinpoint where they are entering your home.
  • Treat the interior and exterior of your home with spray applications.
  • If needed, applications of a chemical dust will be used.