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Stink bugs are invasive pests that only arrived in the United States in the 1990’s. It’s believed that they came here in large numbers by accident, tagging along in shipping containers from their native regions of Asia.

There are 11 types of stink bugs in our region but the most common is the brown marmorated stink bug. They don’t pose a physical threat to households – they don’t cause structural damage and they don’t bite humans. They can carry some allergens but that’s about it.

These pests are annoying house guests, that’s true. The real damage that comes from the brown marmorated species of stink bug is when they destroy crops – especially fruit trees and vegetables – by sucking the juices from their leaves. So it’s important to get rid of stink bugs no matter what.

"The service people in all areas are wonderful and very pleasant to deal with."

February 18, 2023

“The service people in all areas are wonderful and very pleasant to deal with. This is very important to me. And, they have done an excellent job removing the pests.”

Swogjan H.
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Brown marmorated stink bugs are about the size of a dime with shield shaped bodies and mottled brown coloring. They will appear docile but can fly.
Stink bugs won’t reproduce in your home. If you discover a stink bug infestation it’s because they’re attracted to and will actively seek out warm, protected spaces. They’ll also seek food sources like the produce you leave on your kitchen counter. Your home is the perfect place for snowbirding stink bugs and they are prevalent in our area from May-October.

They release an odor not only when crushed but also when they feel threatened, so if you smell that unfortunately familiar scent, be on the lookout for stink bugs. They enter your home easily through the smallest of spaces around doors and windows and may settle inside walls and attics – anywhere that is dark and warm. You can also find them hiding behind curtains, picture frames, anywhere they feel sheltered.

Stink Bug Control

If you’re seeing several – or more – live stink bugs or finding dead stink bugs in your home, it’s time to call in reinforcements.

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Stink Bug Control The Moyer Way

Our expert pest control service has the stink bug treatments you need to take back your home.


Our expert technicians will inspect your home, checking for areas where stink bugs might be entering your home.


We will determine the extent of the stink bug infestation and create a custom treatment plan.

Treatment Plan

We will spray a chemical application to the exterior and within the interior of your home. This will work to prevent stink bugs from coming into your home and control those already gathering inside.


We will make repeat visits as needed since multiple applications may be required depending on the size of the infestation.