pest control solutions for the restaurant industry

We’ll protect your restaurant’s image and reputation with our effective pest control solutions for the foodservice industry. Under the watchful eye of our pest technician, infestations that are commonly found in restaurants and commercial kitchens will be eliminated and preventive pest control measures will be taken to ensure your restaurant is free from damaging and nuisance pests.

Restaurant Industry Pest Control

You can create the most amazing atmosphere and serve the most delicious food in your restaurant but none of it matters if your guests are joined by buzzy flying insects, sneaky ants or nasty cockroaches as dining companions.

Targeted Pests

Ignoring a potential pest problem can lead to bigger issues:

  • Negative online reviews
  • Customers getting food poisoning
  • Lost revenue
  • Failed health inspections
  • Getting your business shut down

That’s why it pays to hire a pest control company with experience in dealing with pests in restaurants.

We offer great service with the discretion you need to keep your restaurant running. That’s why we use integrated pest management (IPM) solutions. These practices protect your food preparation areas from contamination that can result from pest control products and other pest control measures. 

Prepare now to prevent pest infestations

Our IPM solutions focus on prevention and control of flying insects, rodent activity or any other pest issue. We will inspect your dining area and storage areas, looking for entry points that need to be sealed and make recommendations on storage of products and supplies that attract pests. 

The best part? Our services allow your staff to continue their work with little or no disruption.

Don’t tough it out

The restaurant industry is tough enough. Don’t make it harder on yourself. Protect the health of your customers and your restaurant’s reputation with our effective pest control solutions for the food service industry. 

We are experts in restaurant pest control services and will tailor a treatment plan unique to your specific situation, providing:

  • Emergency service with technicians on call 
  • Program frequency and scope to meet the needs of your business
  • Goals of solving pest issues with an integrated approach to pest management
  • Dedicated account technicians servicing your location
  • Outdoor Pest Landscape/Turf management control also available

Our team of pest control service professionals includes a Board Certified Entomologist and an Associate Certified Entomologist.