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Cluster flies are often confused with house flies. They are a little larger than house flies and the cluster fly’s wings overlap and a house fly’s wings do not. Cluster flies are also slow-moving as opposed to the house fly zipping around your home.

Thankfully cluster flies are more creepy than they are harmful. Cluster flies are attracted to light, which is why you’ll see them emerge on warm, sunny days. They are also known as “attic flies” because they hide in dark, out of the way places like attics and wall voids during the cold winter days. They don’t carry the contaminants associated with the garbage-seeking house flies so their presence is an unsettling nuisance rather than a threat.

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February 18, 2023

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Preventing Cluster Flies

cluster flies

Getting rid of cluster flies on your own can be a challenge so it’s best to avoid getting them in the first place.

  • Most cluster flies enter at the soffits of your home, so make sure they are sealed. Also check any other entry points to your home like cracks and crevices around doorways and windows.
  • Use a residual insecticide spray on the outside of your home in the fall so they can’t get in.

Once inside, you can try traps, flypaper or even swatting them dead but since they gather in such large numbers you’re fighting a never-ending battle.

Cluster Fly Experts

Our experienced technicians can help prevent and remove your cluster fly infestation.

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Cluster Flies Control The Moyer Way

Our expert pest control service has the stink bug treatments you need to take back your home.


We will inspect your home, checking inside and out for the areas where cluster flies may be gathering and entering your home.


We will determine the extent of the cluster fly infestation and create a custom treatment plan.

Treatment Plan

Treatment may include a chemical application to prevent cluster flies from entering your home and control those already inside.


We will monitor your case after treatment to ensure your pest problem is resolved.