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Rats. If you think you have this unwelcome visitor, “rats!” is probably not the only word you’re saying. We don’t blame you. Rats don’t waste any time making themselves at home. They help themselves to your food and start building their nests. Rats multiply quickly. It’s common for one female rat to give birth to six litters a year.

"The service people in all areas are wonderful and very pleasant to deal with."

February 18, 2023

“The service people in all areas are wonderful and very pleasant to deal with. This is very important to me. And, they have done an excellent job removing the pests.”

Swogjan H.

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Rats spread disease

Rats carry a number of the same diseases as mice and can spread them to the humans and pets in your household directly or through the infected fleas and ticks they may be carrying on their bodies.

rats spread disease

Property Damage

Rats will damage your property. Similar to mice, rats will chew through wood, wires, metal, plastic, nearly any material in your home to create tunnels and nests.

I Smell a Rat

How can you tell you have a rat infestation? You may never actually see the rats since they are nocturnal animals and no, you won’t smell them. The saying, “I smell a rat.” is a reference to cats and their ability to find rats through scent.

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Pitfalls of DIY for Rat Control

rat control diy

You may be tempted to remove the rats on your own using traps or poison.
Depending on the size of the infestation you might be successful but not without the risk of you, your children or pets coming into contact with the poison or getting hurt by accidentally setting off a trap.

Time is of the essence with rat removal, thanks to their swift multiplication rate. If you take too long trying to do this on your own you could easily become overwhelmed – and overrun.

Moyer Rat Control

Reclaim your home with our professional rat extermination services.

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Rat Extermination The Moyer Way


We’ll start with a visit from one of our technicians who will inspect your home and look for:

rat entry points into your home

Potential Entry Points

Any holes, cracks or gaps in the foundation, in floors, around windows and doors, holes around sewer and plumbing lines and other areas of your home where rats can pass through.

signs of a rat infestation

Evidence of Rodent Infestation

Gnawed and chewed spaces and rat droppings.

The technician will seal off any entry points to prevent additional rats from entering your home.


The next step is creating a treatment plan to control the rats you have and prevent future infestations.